How thinking of ourselves differently can change the future of our food system


Join in to learn from, amplify and support the food citizenship movement across the UK.

We believe that we all have the power to make a positive change in our food systems, and that we should all have access to affordable, healthy and sustainable food.

The food citizenship movement is a brilliant collective of people, charities, farmers, producers, retailers, government bodies and more, all working in their own way to empower people as citizens, not consumers.

At its core, Food Citizenship is the important belief that people naturally care about others, about animals and about the planet. However, we need meaningful power to make a difference to sustain and grow that instinct to care. The challenge for organisations is then to nurture that power, and to make it meaningful, creative and joyful to exercise it. This is already happening in big and small ways across so many organisations and in so many places, and growing all the time.


We are resilient, persistent, inclusive, trusting and hopeful. But we are also fired up at the injustices in our food chains and systems that mean that lots of people can’t afford to eat well or participate in their communities.

This must change.

We hope the resources on this site are useful in your work. Please send any blogs, reports, materials or events you’d like us to share with the movement to or on twitter to @ukfoodcitizens

We can use our power to make a difference.

We are food citizens.

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food for thought

Gratitude and hope

It has been a tough yet hopeful year for food, sustainability and social justice. Looking forward to 2022 we will all need strength, hope and inspiration to remain

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So, what might #CitizensNotConsumers mean for your charity or NGO? ❓ I would love to hear where you're seeing this way of thinking happening in your sector right now? Thanks, @fionacreynolds , for your kind words. #CharityTuesday #CharityCommunity

#London gardens - in partnership with @HelloFreshUK we have an opportunity for you to win a £5k grant to support #LocalFood! 🥦🍅🥬

Find out more here:

📅 DEADLINE: June 8th

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“I feel bombarded. I see junk food advertising on my way to school, on my screens, when I’m gaming. It’s relentless. My message to @BorisJohnson is: please protect child health. We need your help.” —Jacob, age 17.

#ChildHealthUTurn #AdEnough #EtonMess

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