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Food citizenship is a movement of organisations working across the UK food and farming sector that believe in treating people as citizens, not consumers.

As food citizens, we believe in the power of people. We want to and can have a positive influence on food and farming systems. We know that we express more of our selves as citizens than we do as consumers. When given that opportunity, we feel empowered to create positive change in and for our community. We act in keeping with our values and include other people. We want to do the right thing for society to thrive now and in the future. We are resilient, persistent, inclusive, trusting, hopeful.

This website is a hub for the food citizenship movement. It is a space to share tools, approaches and experiences to support larger a shift to the food citizen mindset. It is run by the Food Ethics Council

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Cooking to survive in exile

Migrateful, a social enterprise providing cooking classes taught by refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. Founder Jess Thomspon unpacks how Migrateful empowers their chefs on the journey to employment, integration and independence.

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Understanding poverty and poor diets

The barriers to cooking for people in poverty are complex and multiple. Too often resulting poor diets are thought to be an outcome of no cooking skills or lack of motivation. Alicia Weston from Bags of Taste, unpacks some of these more complex reasons and how they have been exacerbated under the pandemic and lockdown.

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Resilience begins with a seed

As we move through the pandemic, we are thinking about how we can #BuildBackBetter and embed food citizenship thinking as we build and strengthen resilient food systems moving forward. Helene Schulze is co-director of the London Freedom Seed Bank and

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3 days ago
We're excited to share with you our #FoodCitizenship Comms Toolkit, packed with ingredients to help you engage your audience as food citizens including key communication principles, strategies to try out, language traps to avoid & case studies to explore.
1 week ago
Ever wondered what it takes to set up a community food system? Well we're going to show you. Follow our journey as we take @BrisbaneFood from a vision to reality. #foodcitizenship #localfoodsystem

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