How thinking of ourselves differently can change the future of our food system


Food Citizenship is a growing movement of people acting as interdependent participants in a food system, not just as producers or consumers in linear supply chains.

This website is a support hub for the movement, which was first identified in a ten month inquiry into the future of the food system convened by the New Citizenship Project in collaboration with the Food Ethics Council.

50 minutes ago
“It’s about agency: people should be equipped to have agency within a system & right now, the majority of people are disempowered. But food is a great connecting tool... ” Wise words from @Didara, one of our amazing Council members! #FoodCitizenship
4 hours ago
Today’s answer (!) to this would be:
1. Everyone treats each other as #FoodCitizens #FoodCitizenship
2. Everyone is given the opportunity to cook and eat with others
3. We have the equivalent of a Wellbeing of Future Generations Act for the whole UK
2 days ago
@food_strategy I really like most of the framing for your call for evidence e.g. treating people as citizens #FoodCitizenship, encouraging ideas that are already working well (home & abroad) & new ideas + remit covering health, env, animal welfare, soc justice & food safety....

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