Oxford Real Farming Conference 2019



Starts in 25 Days, 8 Hours

January 4, 2019 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Oxford Town Hall

Town Hall, St. Aldate's, Oxford, OX1 1BX

Organized By

Food Ethics Council

How can we help one another to create change in the UK Food System?

Do you want to shift the food and farming system towards a fair and resilient one for all? Do you believe people are the key to creating systemic change? There is an emerging trend in food and farming, one where people are best understood as food citizens, whose agency in and connection with the food and farming system goes beyond the simple act of consuming food. This is a movement we call Food Citizenship. It takes many forms and affects everyone, from producers to end-customers, but always builds on this common belief. Come join other like-minded people, share insights, learn from others, and identify your unique power for creating change in the food system.

Following a brief introduction, participants will be invited to discuss, input, and map out what agency looks like for producers, and start thinking of individual strategies for creating change in the UK food system.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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The session will be run by:

ANNA CURA, Programme Manager, Food Ethics Council

CHLOE DONOVAN, Hundred River Farm

CLARE HILL, Agricultural Strategy Manager, FAI Farms



Anna Cura is responsible for the management of key programmes at the Food Ethics Council, with particular focus on the Food Citizenship project. Since starting her role, she has become the in-house expert on systems change, complexity, social movements, framing and the power of language. As part of a small and mighty team, she also supports her peers, from comms to strategy, and takes on the role of head of IT. She is a zoologist with a Masters degree in biodiversity conservation from the University of Oxford, and has 10 years’ experience in both the forestry and agrifood sectors, as a consultant and researcher. Her previous roles have taken her across four continents, from farmer-wildlife conflicts in South Africa, to organic (teikei) farming in Japan. She speaks fluent French and Spanish. Anna’s passion for food is a life-long endeavour. Having grown in a multicultural family, with food always being central to any family or social activities, she’s continuing the foodie tradition, with an environmental twist. She wants everyone to have access to beautiful, exiting, healthy, humane, and environmentally friendly food.

Chloe Donovan: Despite growing up in a city, Chloe has a family background in farming and has been attending Beccles Farmers Market since her grandparents first founded it over 20 years ago. Over the last few years, she has increasingly taken over the promotion of the market, which supports 50+ producers a year, in the face of new technology and changing shopping habits. While she has a job in London, Chloe is also helping develop a farming and countryside education project back on her grandparent’s farm in Suffolk. Hundred River Farm now offers weekly sessions for families and children as well as being a host farm for the country trust, offering visits for disadvantaged local junior/primary school students. In her early teens, Chloe benefitted from her own experiences of social action and youth projects and so, chose to pursue a career in the youth sector. She later volunteered as Chair of an advisory board for the Canal and River Trust and sat on the board of Step Up To Serve, the charity behind the #iwill campaign, a UK-wide movement to increase young people’s involvement in social action.

Clare Hill is responsible for farm R&D programmes as well as the management and strategic direction of FAI’s farm in Oxfordshire, UK. She has a wealth of practical farming experience and a degree in Agriculture with Agricultural Marketing from Harper Adams University. Clare joined FAI in 2014 after holding several commercial and policy focused roles across the UK agri-food supply chain, including with Red Tractor, National Farmers’ Union, Sainsbury’s and Daylesford.