Our privacy policy

 What information do you collect about me?

  • When visiting the foodcitizenship.info website, we will collect information about your device, your IP address, geographical location, your browser type, how you navigated to us (e.g. through a search engine). This information may be collected by a third-party analytics service or by third parties using cookies, which are active on our website.
  • If you register to our mailing list, we collect your name, surname, email address and affiliated organisation. We don’t share any of these with third parties.
  • If you contact us, we will collect any information contained in any correspondence.
  • If you submit your story, it will be available on the website for other visitors to access, and we may from time to time link back to this content from other social media platforms.


How do you use my data?

We will only use your data either as part of our services to you, with your consent (where we request it) or within our legitimate business interests.

If you have signed up to our Newsletter, we will only use the data to contact you as part of the service you signed-up to.


Who do you share my information with?

The Food Ethics Council holds all personal data, collected as part of the Food Citizenship project, on a secure database, and does not allow access to our mailing lists nor will we pass on personal information to third parties unless required by law.


How do you look after my information and how long do you keep it for?

We do not retain server logs for this website, however you should be aware that information about your use of this website (including your IP address) may be retained by your ISP (Internet Service Provider), the hosting provider and any third party that has access to your internet traffic.

If you want to opt-out of giving personal information to any website using Google Analytics, Google provides an opt-out plugin for your internet browser. You can find out more here.


Food Citizenship newsletter

Mailchimp is notified as a “data controller” in respect of the personal data about its UK Members, whom it collects personal data from in accordance with its Privacy Policy, but not in respect of personal data about people on its members’ Distribution Lists (where it acts as a “data processor”). You can view the MailChimp privacy policy here.

If you have any queries about our mailing list, please contact anna@foodethicscouncil.org.