The SRA believe Restaurants can have a restorative impact on the planet. They bring people together to share challenges, ideas, questions and solutions to help us get further, faster toward the food system we need.

They work to accelerate change toward an environmentally restorative and socially progressive hospitality sector in the UK, working with businesses from across the foodservice sector as well as like-minded industry bodies, campaign groups and businesses that supply the sector. At this intersection between foodservice and the sustainable food movement, the SRA can define sustainability for the sector, assess, measure, campaign for and celebrate change.

Since launching with 50 member sites in 2010, the SRA’s Food Made Good UK initiative has expanded its influence and impact to more than 10,000 foodservice sites.

This constantly growing group of restaurants, cafés, pubs, workplace and university caterers is guided, assessed, recognised, supported and inspired to reach for ever higher standards of sustainability. The Food Made Good online community is a thriving space where businesses can connect to seek solutions for their sustainability challenges, share successes and communicate with like-minded individuals who are committed to meeting the same goals.

Issue specific conversations and threads, alongside the portfolio of accompanying tools and resources provide users with a genuine depth of support on their journey.

What we love about it:

Re-imagining the role of restaurants and providing a platform for like-minded entrepreneurs to come together.

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