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We need all the help we can get to document successful food citizenship in action.

Do you also believe in the power of people? 

Do you have a platform from which to engage with citizens? 

Would you like to join a growing number of individuals and organisations that commit to treating people as citizens rather than consumers?

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Share the story of your organisation and how it's enacting food citizenship to be featured on our site

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Join us in empowering communities to lead change and build (food) resilience

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Learn how to shift your framing and language to engage with citizens, rather than consumers

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Find us on @ukfoodcitizens if you have questions or want to share your work

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Great @FoodEthicsNews blog on 'what if' workshop
"Being led by the idea of progress not perfection can help to unlock pragmatic solutions that can make a shift now. And maybe nourish some bigger dreams..."
The food strategy is languishing. Need to revive

Another barrier is a consumer mindset—if we are only consumer, we are helpless. If we think of ourselves as food citizens, we can act towards change.” 2/2

49% of families on low incomes are buying fewer fresh veg because of the increase in the price of their groceries. @AlexRoseCharity is helping thousands of families around the UK afford the fruit & veg they need to give their children a healthy diet. https://bit.ly/ARC-big-give

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