Abergavveny Food Festival

Aimed at transforming the way people think about food, the festival “challenges and promotes new ideas pushing the boundaries of current thinking and encouraging people to look differently at where their food comes from.” A packed programme offers practical hands-on activities such as tastings and masterclasses as well as topical debates, to come up with visions for the future of food together.

What we love about it:

A great example of using the power of food to gather communities together


10 hours ago
Great friend and supporter of the festival @matt_tebbutt on BBC Radio London today at 12:00 with @GabyRoslin Telling a little about our equally great friends and festival larder ingredients sponsor at Sauce-It. https://t.co/Nd0pZu940L
2 months ago
So great working with the @FFC_Commission team at #AFF2021. Listen and give us your thoughts please. https://t.co/8Q1vI4IYuP
2 months ago
This festival happens because of people like Lukaz. 💫 that man. @Abermarket https://t.co/HQZvx7H4Tk
2 months ago
Words here that matter and capture where we are. As always a huge 🙏 to @WrightsFood for his insight, support and company when the @shepherdsices start to stir the pot with what's hot and what's not. https://t.co/4DRSSTzS31
Wright’s @WrightsFood
Thanks @WalesOnline for printing this on Saturday - hopefully online soon, but in the meantime https://t.co/DigOVAf97G
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