Abundance is a network of urban harvesting project which identifies fruit growing that would otherwise go to waste, and redistributes it to charities or community groups that will make good use of it.

Through local initiative, it aims to protect nature in urban settings and involves the local schools and communities to get involved. A great way to get people to reconnect with the local land and build a sense of community around it.

What we love about them:

We love that it gives back a sense of ownership back to local residents.

More information: abundancelondon.com

9 hours ago
Thank you SOoo much @GoodGymHounslow. All sparkly clean. https://t.co/iT6L4qi5sF
GoodGymHounslow @GoodGymHounslow
Great to give the beautiful Chiswick time line created by @AbundanceLondon and local artist Sarah Cruz a good wash and spruce up last night - and special thanks to the newsagent next door who kindly supplied us with warm water on a freezing night! https://t.co/f5YmUmUPuT
1 week ago
Artificial light is a key driver of the "insect apocalypse" – the alarming decline of insect populations around the world. Parks are often the last bastion for urban biodiversity. https://t.co/U16lwom0V4
ChiswickW4.com @ChiswickW4
Shining a Light on Labour's Dimming of Our Streets - Gary Malcolm, Lib Dem Councillor for Southfield calls for action https://t.co/1tTBfou1Xu https://t.co/70mffjbe1O
1 week ago
The planning application was refused. Inappropriate design, flood plain danger, "unacceptable and irreversible harm to biodiversity at the site, arising from the loss of mature trees and planting and the longer-term impact through light pollution and human activity." Good call. https://t.co/osHXljaJWA
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