Abundance is a network of urban harvesting project which identifies fruit growing that would otherwise go to waste, and redistributes it to charities or community groups that will make good use of it.

Through local initiative, it aims to protect nature in urban settings and involves the local schools and communities to get involved. A great way to get people to reconnect with the local land and build a sense of community around it.

What we love about them:

We love that it gives back a sense of ownership back to local residents.

More information: abundancelondon.com

1 day ago
Abundance commissioned @Cultiv8London to fill the flower tubs outside @WatermansArts with bee-friendly plants ready for their re-opening on 20th May. Good luck to our fabulous local arts centre/cinema/gallery/cafe @BrentfordHighSt @BrentfordFest @BrentfordNub @BrentfordFC https://t.co/tnAOK3fhyl
Watermans @WatermansArts
Thanks to @Cultiv8London, social enterprise and charity, for planting up the tubs at our front entrance! Thank you @kareninagarden and Abundance London for organising it! Cultivate London worked hard to create natural looking plant displays. We are delighted with our tubs! https://t.co/gmE9LvbkX0
2 days ago
Tarmac garden on Fauconberg Rd. We did our best watering it through last year but the new little willow looks dead. It was planted too high and never really stood much chance. https://t.co/HDAUjAD4Vi
2 days ago
How it was, how it is after @LBofHounslow housing team gave it a mow. The strimmer version of a Chelsea Chop? #depressing #whybother https://t.co/BGXDtC4wFA
3 days ago
This is important information! Who knew? https://t.co/jjQXD9fbBC
Leif Bersweden @LeifBersweden
Forget-me-not fun fact: the yellow ring at the flower’s centre fades to white after pollination, signalling to insects there’s no more nectar 🤟 https://t.co/Tz33daklzV
1 week ago
Abundance weeding the perennial flower meadow at Turnham Green Terrace. Everything is just about to pop for a mid-May burst. Loads of passersby thanking us for our work. Check it out at https://t.co/mOMVv8cfL4 https://t.co/gpGFIH1kj4
2 weeks ago
#NoMowMay - the back "lawn" looking glorious this morning. Tulips Ballerina and Purple Dream, daisies and fritillaries. https://t.co/7yYs5aDoHt
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