Geared at supporting a farmers and growers to transition to more sustainable, resilient and diverse farming practices, Agricology is a collaboration of over 40 research and farming organisations. It offers the latest research, practical ideas and farmer-led innovations to empower growers to adopt methods that regenerate ecosystems, enhance biodiversity and mitigate against climate change. It is a knowledge-sharing hub for farmers, encouraging them to share their best strategies and approaches.

What we love about it:

Not only citizen-led research, but farmer-led!

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2 hours ago
#Farm24 - A great way to showcase the work of farmers working hard to bring food to our plates. Thank you British farmers! @Morrisons @FarmersGuardian
1 week ago
Read what John and Paul Cherry of Weston Park Farms have to say about how they manage #weeds in a system that uses no-till and #herballeys to build #soilfertility in their farmer profile... @Groundswellaguk #notill #weedmanagement
1 week ago
#Silvopasture: What it is and how it benefits livestock farming - Farmers Weekly
2 weeks ago
Great @OGAgrowers #webinar coming up exploring importance of #soil to #organic production systems, threats to soil-based production & maximising on the vitality of soils. Isles of Scilly-based Jonathan Smith (one of our profiled farmers) will be speaking:
2 weeks ago
Presentation and video footage recorded at an @ORFC 2020 session on 'The future of #agroecological #weedmanagement': Chloe MacLaren shared latest developments in weed ecology and new insights into the potential for more weed resilient systems @Rothamsted

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