Geared at supporting a farmers and growers to transition to more sustainable, resilient and diverse farming practices, Agricology is a collaboration of over 40 research and farming organisations. It offers the latest research, practical ideas and farmer-led innovations to empower growers to adopt methods that regenerate ecosystems, enhance biodiversity and mitigate against climate change. It is a knowledge-sharing hub for farmers, encouraging them to share their best strategies and approaches.

What we love about it:

Not only citizen-led research, but farmer-led!

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This booklet on #SoilFertility was produced by @fiblorg and adapted by @OrgResCent to include case studies and examples in a UK context. #FertilesoilFertilecrops #OrganicSeptember
New blog: Building Agricology for the Future. @OrgResCent CEO Lucy MacLennan: "The strength of Agricology is that it promotes practical, sustainable farming regardless of labels through its network of partner organisations." But, we need your help.
Our September newsletter! Digging Below the Surface & Building Agricology for the Future -
In this nature-based #IPM case study @parker419 says “It’s not low input -low output. It’s more like intelligent farming” @COFARMHQ @NFFNUK @PAN_UK @Natures_Voice @SoilAssociation
Farmer profile: @EdwinTaylor69 #FertilesoilFertilecrops Reducing inputs and improving soil health and biodiversity through a more diverse rotation, using cover crops, no till and direct drilling @baseuk