Geared at supporting a farmers and growers to transition to more sustainable, resilient and diverse farming practices, Agricology is a collaboration of over 40 research and farming organisations. It offers the latest research, practical ideas and farmer-led innovations to empower growers to adopt methods that regenerate ecosystems, enhance biodiversity and mitigate against climate change. It is a knowledge-sharing hub for farmers, encouraging them to share their best strategies and approaches.

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Not only citizen-led research, but farmer-led!

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Great resource available on @DuchyCollege's SWARM hub - providing lots of info on using #legumes and farming practices to maximise on #freenitrogen (N); improve N availability, increase the amount fixed & minimise losses. @duchyRBS #fertilitybuilding
Looking to improve crop yield stability & have greater resilience against environmental stress? Growing 2 or more plant species in close proximity can improve crop production, reduce reliance on #cropprotection chemicals & enhance biodiversity: @PlantTeams
If you are a farmer or landowner interested in #agroforestry this is your chance to have your say on standards in #ELM ! You will be paid for your time🥳 Participation is online (2 hrs) & various dates are available in late May/June - find out more & book:
"We use #covercrops to improve soil tilth & drainage, contribute #nitrogen & help control weeds. We typically grow rye, phacelia & subterranean clover as a winter cover crop & sunflowers, peas, beans & rye during the spring"- @suddes_richard Find out more: