A charity that enriches local life through connecting people, cultivating respect, whilst sharing skills and developing community initiatives. They operate in a non oppressive manner and use a whole community approach to their work.

By providing a space for communities to come together, and empowering those running the operation, Be Enriched is helping strengthen the Food Citizenship movement.

What we love about them:

A great example of using the power of food to gather communities together.

More information: www.be-enriched.org

Are you looking to combine your retail skills with community engagement? We are recruiting a Food Bus Retail Manager for @LdnFoodBus! In this role, you will lead on delivering this innovative solution to food insecurity and inequality in South London. https://t.co/2QApN3FiKz https://t.co/Ajk63cPfvs
If you want to get your weekend off to a wonderful start, we are looking for volunteers for our Tooting Canteen tomorrow! If you can't do tomorrow, we are always looking for people who can spare time to make a delicious meal for our community. Sign up: https://t.co/a8tnY26rs8 https://t.co/sVQq6a2JjP
Thumbs up to our volunteers on Monday from @unityworks_! They cooked a fantastic three course meal, starting with a Feta, Avocado and Roasted Beetroot Salad, followed by a Thai Green Curry, and rounded off with an Apple and Pear Crumble for Dessert! Delicious! #ElephantAndCastle https://t.co/FqLELpdS9J
On The Food Bus today we have scotch bonnets, yam, and plantain - what a treat! Come on down to get your fresh produce and cupboard goods from us in Roehampton today, near Minstead Gardens! https://t.co/L8f37qHCvt
It was a delight to have volunteers from @axainsurance cooking in our Tooting Canteen on Friday! In addition to generously donating towards ingredients, they served up Sweetcorn Chowder, Vegetable Curry with Dhal, and Crumble with Custard! Our guests loved every bite, thank you! https://t.co/AvzzOpPSBg
Our children deserve better – join us in demanding healthy school meals and food education for all EU children #EUFarm2Fork #foodeducation #schoolfood @Food_EU

https://t.co/UUnBehQStw https://t.co/nuNhMWl0a7