Better Health Bakery

A non-profit organisation that brings the community together, promoting locally produced food and providing three month trainee placements to adults recovering from mental ill health. 

What we love about them:

A great example of how to empower citizens, give purpose and build a community through food.

More information:

2 years ago
Hey! Even though they’re digging up the road out the front, we’ve still got pizza to sell! We are open!
3 years ago
We are currently looking for passionate and talented #bakers to work with us @BHBakeryE8! If you’re interested please send your CV and a covering letter to recruiment or visit our website for more info 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳🙌
3 years ago
We're hiring! Interested in being the Commercial Lead at our innovative and highly regarded social enterprise @BHBakeryE8 ? This is a varied role that will keep you busy, with no two days being the same! Apply here by the 26th July 2019:
3 years ago
Help! 👋 We’re unable to attend @growingcommunities Farmers’ Market today as usual, which means we have SO MUCH more bread to sell at our shop in Haggerston. Please drop by to buy some loaves if you can and carb up this weekend! 🥖
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