Brighton Permaculture Trust

The Brighton Permaculture Trust provides training, courses and events to encourage environmental protection, poverty alleviation and empowerment of socially and economically disadvantaged communities.

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They use their platform to bring people together and have a clear purpose of connecting and inspiring!

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4 hours ago
We are happy to say that we are starting the next juicing season! We have begun with an early variety of apple called Beauty of Bath which has been picked with help from volunteers in our Old Farm Orchard. Fresh juice coming to the Fruit Factory!
#orchard #fruit #applejuice
1 day ago
Just wanted to say that @HollingdeanWF is a great shop and a real asset to the community 🍏 Thanks for the support with our scrumping project! #brighton
1 day ago
Love this!
Meadow In My Garden @MeadowInGarden
In Denmark, the law requires owners of large agricultural lands to plant 5% of the soil with flowers for bees.
1 day ago
Interested in the intricacies of fruit versus sugar? Check out #FruitFull - an art and science project on the topic. Here are some pics from the exhibition in Stowmarket! #fruit #quinces
1 day ago
Great to see more microhabitats such as this across Brighton & Hove @LivingCoastUK #livingroof
The Living Coast 🌳 @LivingCoastUK
48,000 signatures from local residents! 🐝

Brighton & Hove’s first plant-topped Living Roof Bus Shelter has been officially ‘opened’ in Palmeira Square. We can't wait to see more of these across The Living Coast.
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