Brighton Permaculture Trust

The Brighton Permaculture Trust provides training, courses and events to encourage environmental protection, poverty alleviation and empowerment of socially and economically disadvantaged communities.

What we love about it:

They use their platform to bring people together and have a clear purpose of connecting and inspiring!

More information:

5 days ago
Volunteering - HELP! Late additions for tomorrow! -
2 weeks ago
Today marks the global #WorldRecyclingDay - perhaps a good reminder as we move into the festive season! How can you rethink more of your waste? #Recycle
2 weeks ago
TBT to this wonderful shot of participants of the permaculture gardening course back in September. Thanks to everyone that took part and helped out! Now where has that sun gone... #PermacultureGardeningCourse #Permaculture
3 weeks ago
A great read! Local and accessible green spaces are beyond important for well-being. 🌲
Imperial School of Public Health @ImperialSPH
Living near woodlands is good for children and young people’s mental health according to new study led by @ToledanoMB, @MikaelMaes & @ProfKateJones
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