Run by approximately 600,000 smallholder farmers, Producers Direct is the charity arm of Cafedirect.

It was set up for farmers to share resources, share ideas and take leadership across the world, and led to the creation of Centres of Excellence.

This shows the power of the community when it is given a platform to connect and share resources.

What we love about them:

It’s all about peer-to-peer support!

More information:

Great to see beekeepers in #ACPCU #🇺🇬 get together to learn about honey harvesting. Through our four-part farmer-led support services, farmers receive training on beekeeping, honey harvesting, processing & storing to enable beekeepers to produce good quality honey.🍯🐝
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Looking forward to being part of the #AfCPA2022 conference, sharing our learnings & together with other players in agriculture, highlighting how innovations & advances in the sector can help build the resilience of African cropping systems.

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We spoke to beekeepers in Uganda who shared their beekeeping challenges, goals and experiences. Read Justine Muhereza’s interview here>>
'I look forward to continuing to build more innovations and learning more from my team because together, we all win.' Young ppl from @theyouthinnova5 share with us how they're learning & exploring opportunities to help them grow their #agric enterprises.