Cafedirect’s Producers Direct

Run by approximately 600,000 smallholder farmers, Producers Direct is the charity arm of Cafedirect.

It was set up for farmers to share resources, share ideas and take leadership across the world, and led to the creation of Centres of Excellence.

This shows the power of the community when it is given a platform to connect and share resources.

What we love about them:

It’s all about peer-to-peer support!

More information:

6 days ago
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2 weeks ago
Last year we worked with @IDEOorg & @MercyCorpsAFA to create materials to support smallholders continue to farm safely during the #COVID19 pandemic.

These resources have now been nearly 20k times in 34 countries.

You can access them for free here:
2 weeks ago
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3 weeks ago
Our CEO @clairelrhodes is now talking about our Farmer-led response to Covid misinformation in farming communities where we work.

Join the @MercyCorpsAFA ALE here:
3 weeks ago
Great to see the evidence of the impact of our Covid19 information campaign with @MercyCorpsAFA presented by @BusaraCenter.

More on the Covid resources we developed as part of this work here:
3 weeks ago
Happening now. Come join our CEO @clairelrhodes and many others on at the @MercyCorpsAFA ALE
Mercy Corps AgriFin @MercyCorpsAFA
[NOW] What have we learned from #COVID19 and #DesertLocust emergency responses? Find out from key experts from @theishamba, @EthiopianATA, @60_Decibels, @joinviamo, @BusaraCenter and @ProducersDirect on April 29, 2021 at 4pm EAT Join us:
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