Citizen’s Assembly

A Citizens’ Assembly is a representative group of citizens who are selected at random from the population to learn about, deliberate upon, and make recommendations in relation to a particular issue or set of issues.

What we love about them:

Although not food specific, a great example of citizen engagement and participation.

More information:

3 weeks ago
The Center for Deliberative Democracy at Stanford University have launched a podcast for their America in One Room project
4 weeks ago
"Alarmed by early polls that suggested up to 60 percent of French people could refused to take the Covid vaccine, the government in January set up a 'citizen's council' to provide advice."
1 month ago
The SNP has pledged to hold annual Citizens’ Assemblies if the party is re-elected.
2 months ago
10,000 letters have already been sent to randomly selected households inviting them to apply.
3 months ago
Germany has just completed a 'Citizens' Assembly on Germany's Role in the World' organised under the patronage of the President of the Bundestag, Wolfgang Schäuble
4 months ago
Interesting study on how social media was used by citizens during the union flag protests and Ardoyne parade disputes in Northern Ireland.
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