Citizen’s Assembly

A Citizens’ Assembly is a representative group of citizens who are selected at random from the population to learn about, deliberate upon, and make recommendations in relation to a particular issue or set of issues.

What we love about them:

Although not food specific, a great example of citizen engagement and participation.

More information:

1 week ago
The @ConUnit_UCL's Citizens’ Assembly on Democracy in the UK will meet for the first time this weekend.
1 month ago
Why is climate change is so commonly the theme of citizens’ assemblies?
1 month ago
Efforts to involve citizens in decision-making may prove essential to ensuring future climate policy is fair, inclusive and effective.
2 months ago
Do citizens' assemblies produce recommendations that genuinely inform policymaking on climate change?
2 months ago
Despite President Emmanuel Macron’s promises to enact the French citizens’ climate convention’s ‘unfiltered’ proposals, French parliamentarians have approved a climate bill that ignores over half of those proposals.
2 months ago
Climate Assembly UK’s findings deeply influenced the Committee on Climate Change's Sixth Carbon Budget, with Chief Executive Chris Stark expressing interest in further deliberative exercises at the Budget’s launch event.
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