The Climate Change Coaches help people to rediscover their climate mojo and get into environmental action. Through workshops and coaching, we give people the skills to empower themselves and others to act more decisively for our planet. Our team of lively, inspiring coaches will reignite your belief that action on climate change can be not just practical but enjoyable.

In order for us to act for the environment, we must first foster the belief that personal action and systemic change is possible. But belief is hard to maintain in the face of such an immense challenge.

Too often when we talk to others about this issue, we either join them in feeling powerless or adopt a ‘telling’ approach that alienates, leading to frustration not action. Instead, we need to listen as much as speak, help people with anxiety, and challenge our doubt. The Climate Change Coaches teach easy coaching skills that are non-judgmental and proactive. We help participants move from feeling powerless, frustrated and anxious back into being creative, tapping into deeper motivations and values and connecting these to everyday actions so that change sticks.

At the core of our mission is the belief that climate change is as much a human behaviour problem as it is an environmental one. Nowhere is behaviour change trickier than in relation to food.

The carbon footprint of our modern food system is under-recognised. Yet with every interaction we have with the food system we are voting for the future we will leave for future generations. A coaching approach can be really valuable here, where often our identity is connected to what we eat and where change is more challenging.

At the Climate Change Coaches, we help people to reimagine their relationship with food and help practitioners to have more successful conversations about the type of food system we want, the consequences of our food choices, and our connection with the planet and its resources.

What we love about it:

Change starts from within.

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