Cooperation Town co-ops are small buying groups, providing their members with free and affordable groceries, sourced in bulk and distributed at a very low price.

Cooperation Town food co-ops are owned by their members and run according to local needs. Members decide collectively on how to organise and are responsible for the day to day running of the co-op.

While each Cooperation Town co-op is independent, the network is designed to share resources and support across the movement. Our vision is for a food co-op on every street in every town!

What we love about them:

They are based on solidarity, not charity. They are the most affordable – and sociable! – way to get food.

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What can we do?
In short: demand higher wages and refuse to line the pockets of greedy corporations.
How do we do this?
By joining trade unions, tenants unions and community food co-ops, organising for pay rises and reduced living costs.
Not sure where to start? Get in touch!
Let's break it down: traditionally, when wages increase, product prices go up (but the workers have the cash to buy them). Since 2020, corporate greed was the reason for most of the price hikes.
We, the workers, are paying with our poverty wages for share holders' profits!
Why is everything more expensive? Turns out it’s not because it costs more to make stuff, but because we all pay for the rich to get richer.

In the pic: % of nonlabour costs (e.g. materials), labour costs (wages) & profit in overall product costs
Later this month we'll be chatting with Oldham community organisers about how to set up food co-ops in the area. Join us if you live locally and want to hear more.
We are happy to chat to anyone, anywhere wanting to self organise. Just get in touch!
Join us on Friday 20 May to find out how we can start a community food co-op on and around the Andover estate in #Islington and save money by organising together with neighbours.
All local residents are welcome. No previous experience needed. Please share with your community.