CSAs have been showing us for many years that when bringing together producers and the general public, it can be a win-win situation. By sharing the responsibilities, risks and rewards of farming, not only does the community have access to good food, but the benefits go far beyond including training programmes, high levels of employment, higher quality of life, better connections between farming and communities, better turnover for producers.

CSAs come in many shapes and sizes. For example, The Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm thinks of itself as a bit of a giant shared allotment. Members enjoy fresh vegetables from the farm on a weekly basis, with the harvest distributed equally among all members. Helping out on the farm supports the health and well-being of members and fosters community. The farm also provides education and training to support low-carbon food production. 

What we love about it:

Bringing farmers and citizens together!

Find out more: communitysupportedagriculture.org.uk

Find out why Ed Hamer started a CSA and why he thinks his course could help you if you're thinking of starting your own.
His intensive two-day 'Setting up and Scaling up a CSA' near Brighton on the 25th and 26th of February, 2023.


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We are running Ed Hamer's CSA start-up and scaling-up course in Brighton, South of England. weekend of the 25th and 26th of February 2023 at Fork It & Dig It, Brighton.


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Our main session about CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) today at Oxford Real Farming Conference. St. Aldate’s Conference Room. 11:00 am
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Webinar 14.12.2022 - 19:00-20:30 GMT - John Overvoorde of Delfland Nurseries and grower Jez Taylor of Daylesford Organic discuss how we can make winter brassicas succeed. #regenerativeagriculture #csauk #growfood #CSA #starterfarm #communityfarm #crops https://t.co/iXbi50cJKN
Plumpton College in East Sussex are launching a new Organic Crop Production Apprenticeship programme next year. Find out more here: https://t.co/8XgTtSnXZ8

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Winter Brassicas for Continuity - Webinar
Wed, 14 Dec 2022, 19:00 – 20:30 GMT

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