COOK is a frozen-food manufacturer and high street retailer with a mission β€˜to cook using the same ingredients and techniques that a good cook would use at home so all our food looks and tastes homemade’. COOK has been committed to the idea that good business is about more than just making money from the beginning. Since becoming one of the UK’s first certified B Corporations in 2013, COOK has been pursuing sustainable business practice more actively.

They participated on the New Citizenship Project’s Food Citizenship project in 2017, which you can read all about here.

What we love about it:

They are all about nourishing relationships!

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2 weeks ago
Happy Living Wage Week! #LivingWageWeek
Living Wage Foundation @LivingWageUK
What is the difference between the real #LivingWage and other UK wage rate? πŸ”Ž

Only the real Living Wage is:
- Based on the cost of living
- Applies to all over 18's
- Has a London rate

This #LivingWageWeek, help us raise awareness of the difference:
3 weeks ago
This week we had a virtual visit from the brilliant Guy Singh-Watson, founder of @Riverford. His #lettertotheearth is real food for thought and well worth a listen...
Wicked Leeks @wickedleeksmag
This powerful #LetterToTheEarth message from @Riverford founder Guy Singh-Watson feels particularly relevant following yesterdays crucial pre- #COP26 #budget that experts have described as β€œclimate-void”. Watch here:
1 month ago
Great catching up with some of our #BCorp buddies at @innocent today.
1 month ago
Our planet is in crisis. Get involved in the brilliant project before #COP26. #letterstotheearth #Bcorp
Letters to the Earth @letterstoearth_
We received this powerful call to action from a 3 yr old in her Letter to the Earth.

It starts as a list of things her family will do to help the Earth.

If you choose to write a letter to the Earth with your kid(s), please share it with us!
#letterstotheearth #livebarefoot
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