A food delivery scheme which provides produce, drinks and artisonal ware, sourced within a 150 mile radius. They work only with producers commited to high environmental and animal welfare standards and ensure that these producers are paid a fair price for their work. This is to make sustainable, environmentally-friendsly farming practices financially viable for the long term and deposits delicious, high quality food boxes on doorsteps across the country.

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5 days ago
Today is #AvocadoDay! 🥑 [Cheesy #Nachos with Salsa and #Guacamole recipe on our website] We work with #TheAvocadoCompany who source Hass avocados from growers who mitigate their #environmental impact, and work with those communities on #socialprojects to improve their welfare.
6 days ago
Starting our weekend with the same carefree energy as these pigs frolciking on #Hayefarmdevon. "Without these guys, the land and its ecosystems could become more and more homogenous." #highwelfare #organicfreerange #farmsnotfactories #knowwhereyourfoodcomesfrom #pigfarming
2 weeks ago
Cool yourself off with these easy peasy fruit lollies!

Not only are these DIY ice lollies incredibly easy (and fun) to make at home, but they also make the most of the delicious summer berries grown in the UK.

Hands up who wants one? ✋
3 weeks ago
One of our favourites here at Farmdrop, courgette flowers are always in high demand during their brief season.

Our favourite way to enjoy them is stuffed with feta and mint, dipped in a light beer batter then deep fried until golden and crunchy!
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