A food delivery scheme which provides produce, drinks and artisonal ware, sourced within a 150 mile radius. They work only with producers commited to high environmental and animal welfare standards and ensure that these producers are paid a fair price for their work. This is to make sustainable, environmentally-friendsly farming practices financially viable for the long term and deposits delicious, high quality food boxes on doorsteps across the country.

What we love about it:

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More information: www.farmdrop.com

Why yes, that is a truffle cheddar 'bomb' https://t.co/nnc7E6M14O
This is what happens when you update a side of smoked salmon... https://t.co/XRDNjFmxau

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What's In Season in December? It's an exciting month for produce - and cosy cooking! 👉🏽 https://t.co/lZiX8nJxxm https://t.co/8TKUPi4yo2
If, like us, you're keenly watching the #COP26 Summit, you're probably feeling hugely inspired by #GretaThunberg's speech.

While we're striving to fix the food chain, we are seizing every opportunity to create a #greener, cleaner #planet - just like Greta said. https://t.co/197ZKRPuhI
This week, we're ALL about comfort food. And what's more reviving than a game pie of course! With a glass of red 🍷
We have everything you need on our shopfront this week. https://t.co/jcPXmtDWGe