Feedback is an NGO geared at regenerating nature through food system transformation. Through policy, advocacy and research coupled with free public feasts, youth engagement programmes, gleaning activities and community food economies, Feedback empowers people to get stuck in to creating better food systems.

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Their project on encouraging individuals to act as food citizens!

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Join us on 13 June in Brussels!

Together we’ll look at the future of the food waste sector and the social economy.

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“It was fun to sort of mess things up a bit – we didn’t want our plants to look like they’d been in a pot. We wanted them to look wild.”

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"A regenerative food system doesn’t just feed us food – I don’t want to get romantic – but it nourishes us."
"We wouldn’t say that gleaning will resolve the problem of food waste or food insecurity. But it’s a positive and practical way for people to get a sense of the food system and make a really tangible difference,” Phil Holtam, Feedback
"7.3 million adults have been skipping a meal during April."

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