Feedback is an NGO geared at regenerating nature through food system transformation. Through policy, advocacy and research coupled with free public feasts, youth engagement programmes, gleaning activities and community food economies, Feedback empowers people to get stuck in to creating better food systems.

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Their project on encouraging individuals to act as food citizens!

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The salmon farming industry as been allowed to swim under the radar for far too long...

From poor fish welfare, to the thousands of tonnes of wild fish wasted every year, fish farming is damaging people and the planet.

We're taking legal action.
Wild Atlantic salmon is in imminent danger. “We have fished and fished until we’ve depleted the population, [...] and we are seeing the effects of climate breakdown and the acidification of oceans” @DanSaladinoUK
"The government needs to step up to the plate and regulate the Scottish farmed salmon industry.

If it is serious about delivering world-class sustainable fisheries and aquaculture management, it can no longer allow this industry to go unchecked."
"By saying 'we are all responsible', we avoid the fact that the global majority of us don’t need to change much, but a minority needs to change a lot."

@RebeccaSolnit on the importance of shifting climate narratives. Read now:
'Unseen Faces, Unheard Voices' showcases the impacts of the booming aquaculture industry on women across West Bengal, India.

It reveals why we must adopt a gender inclusive and a precautionary approach to actualise sustainable development in the sector.
🐟❌🌎 Farmed salmon is harming people and the planet: from the poor conditions and welfare of salmon farms, to the huge quantities of wild fish that are taken from local communities across the globe for salmon feed.

It’s time to stop encouraging people to eat more salmon.