Feedback is an NGO geared at regenerating nature through food system transformation. Through policy, advocacy and research coupled with free public feasts, youth engagement programmes, gleaning activities and community food economies, Feedback empowers people to get stuck in to creating better food systems.

What we love about it:

Their project on encouraging individuals to act as food citizens!

More info:

2 days ago
Last chance to apply for our freelance policy researcher!

Deadline today!

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3 days ago
We are looking for a freelance policy researcher!

You will help deliver an evidence-led policy framework to support our goals of supporting the circular food economy and creating good jobs for those far from the labour market.

Deadline: Aug 4

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4 days ago
If supermarkets are concerned with food access, why not simply pay their own essential workers more?
5 days ago
"So that, in a way is a PR ploy for big ag: “We need to increase yield forever, so that we can feed the world.” But the world does not want us to feed them. The world wants us to stop stealing their land and stop poisoning them and so on."
1 week ago
Our new paper describes the important role that livestock should play at recycling unavoidable #foodwaste in the food system and defines what less and better meat really looks like.
1 week ago
"Small, local independent retailers are a crucial part of the process of reshaping our food systems with sustainability and local interest at the heart."

Important piece from Keenan Humble @AlchemicKitchen
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