Feedback is an NGO geared at regenerating nature through food system transformation. Through policy, advocacy and research coupled with free public feasts, youth engagement programmes, gleaning activities and community food economies, Feedback empowers people to get stuck in to creating better food systems.

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Their project on encouraging individuals to act as food citizens!

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πŸ“’ Exciting job opportunity!

We’re seeking a Campaign Coordinator to coordinate a three-year international campaign focusing on the fish meal and oil industry in West Africa.

Deadline 16 October. Find out more and apply:

Fish meal factories often take fish from local fishing communities and export them as fishmeal to European and Asian markets.

A group of Senegalese fishermen are fighting against this.



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Today is the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste!

Our recent report shows that the EU wastes 153.5 million tonnes of food each year. This is much worse than we thought, almost double previous estimates!

Today is the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste πŸ₯˜

This week also marks the end of the FLAVOUR pilot project we have been part of for the past 3 years!

Below are some of the key lessons learned.

A thread 🧡

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