Flavour School

How to empower people through food? How about by helping children (and adults!) learn about the senses, taste and flavour, in order to give them more confidence and curiosity to try new things!

What we love about it:

Reframing food as a fun experience and reconnecting people with their senses.

More info: https://www.flavourschool.org.uk/

3 months ago
Ooh look at these lovely tatties! https://t.co/Ll6FwYZqP5
Massimo @Rainmaker1973
This is a selection of the thousands of native potato varieties that grow in Peru. What is evenmore interesting is that agronomists are looking to the ancestral knowledge of Peruvian farmers to identify genetic strains that can resist climate change https://t.co/BOo5Bxze4T https://t.co/1joI67EcTz
4 months ago
Super exciting that National @food_strategy has recommended sensory food education for all Early Years settings. We already work with Reception classes, and are looking for school nurseries to work with developing Flavour School for Early Years.

Get in touch if interested!
4 months ago
Sensory food education for Reception and KS1 - take part in our research with @FoodSciLeeds!

We're recruiting again for this study, which was disrupted by the pandemic. Primary schools in Leeds and London can take part.

Get in touch to find out more! https://t.co/cV0mOiOCMu
4 months ago
Primary schools in London and Leeds!
We are looking for schools to take part in our #FlavourSchool research with the University of Leeds in the 2021-22 school year.
Get in touch if interested!

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@ThreeBridgesSch @chrisdysonHT @ZG_Nutrition @food_strategy @FoodTCentre https://t.co/u12UOokpmZ
1 year ago
Shout out to all the schools and teachers doing amazing work for our kids, amidst the chaos.
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