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The Food Teachers Centre is a UK based self-help group founded by Louise T Davies in 2013 and supported by experienced associates. It provides a platform to exchange best practice, gives advice and support to less experienced teachers, answering practical concerns and keeping them abreast of the latest curriculum changes. A one-stop shop for like-minded professionals who seek help and information. It is free to take part and is facilitated through a closed on-line group, safeguarding the conversations of the teaching staff. This pro-active group has a community of nearly 5,000 food teachers taking part, encompassing over 40 different countries worldwide.

The Centre utilises new technologies such as social media and online learning and is a place of creative and innovative ideas and action, practical solutions and learning and sharing. The

Food Teachers Centre hosts regional and national events reaching around 2,000 secondary food teachers each year, works with all the major government agencies (Ofsted, Department for Education) and partnering with key industry representatives to promote its aim of better food teaching. Ongoing links with other organisations such as Catering and Hospitality colleges provide the opportunity for teacher professional development and to raise the profile of the subject in their own establishment.

Feedback from the group sums up the power of the community and how the Food Teachers Centre supports the busy food teacher. β€œLoved it and really wish we’d had the chance to stand up and shout a public thank you for each and every person who has shared resources, photos, comments and advice – it is incredible to be part of this community”.

What we love about it:

Providing a space for people to get behind a common purpose, and building knowledge from the network.

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2 hours ago
For those training or doing further studies, who specialise in Food and/or Textiles , grants may be available
2 weeks ago
Chef Simon is really looking forward to joining the judging team for the @SBFutureChef SW regional final @BTC_Coll on Friday. Massive congratulations to all students for getting to this stage. Good luck to all.
2 weeks ago
Well done to Liam showing off his culinary skills! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ #Food #Education
St Johns HE Department @StJohnsHEDept
Aeration is evident, top aerated sponge Liam Doig, well Done!!
2 weeks ago
Huge congratulations to all the students who took part! A chance to develop your culinary skills, grow in confidence and train with professional chefs #futurechef #food #education πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Springboard FutureChef @SBFutureChef
Another fantastic #FutureChef local final at
@N_HertsCollege this week! A big well done to Daniel from Cambridgeshire as he competed and made it through to the Regional Finals in Feb. The judges were beyond impressed with the technical skills of all the students who took part🍴
2 weeks ago
Some beautiful piped choux pastry! Well done! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ #Food #Education
DBSJP_Food @DBSJP_FoodTech
My favourite lesson - the challenge of Choux Pastry splits the group. Who researched, who practised, who can solve problems when things don’t go to plan. Year 10 rose to the challenge - lots of lessons learn’t and one step closer to being ready for the GCSE @DubaiBritishJP
2 weeks ago
Food and Nutrition classes… the practical application of maths and science! Well done! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ #Food #Education
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