Brighton, England.

What they are most proud of: 

We are proud to be bucking supermarket convention!

Their model:

The HISBE pilot store has shown that there is an alternative model to the way big supermarkets do business, that is better for people and community. In our first five years of trading, £6 million went through our tills and we are proud to have passed £4.1 million of that on to our suppliers. We are proud to have kept more than half of the £6 million in Brighton’s economy by spending more on staff wages and prioritising local suppliers and services.

HISBE Food is a new type of supermarket, built and run on a purpose-led social enterprise business model, for the benefit of local people, local economy and local community.

HISBE offers the same range and product categories that customers would find in a traditional supermarket, selling food that everyone can recognise, although not the big brands that people are most familiar with. Instead we work with small values-led suppliers and focus on making good, fair, sustainable food more accessible and affordable for people.

What we love about them:

The way this enterprise sits at the heart of a community.

Find out more: www.hisbe.co.uk

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