The Landworkers’ Alliance is a grassroots union of farmers, growers and land-based workers with a mission to improve the livelihoods of our members and create a better food system for everyone.

Members of the Via Campesina, the democratic member-led union is runby producers for producers and is a great inspiration for creating strong communities, with clear purpose and effective mechanisms to empower its members.

What we love about them:

The democratic model!

More info:

CALENDAR LAUNCH DAY 🎉 Hooray! Our 2023 Calendar, On Common Ground, is now available to buy from our store! Head to our stories for the link to grab your copy and don't forget to tag us in your posts when it arrives, we'd love to see 😊 #LWAcalendar2023
What’s happening with ELMS? 🤔
It seems that ELMS is safe for now, but under fire and at risk. We will be writing to the new minister expressing our support and also seeking to highlight how ELMS can reach its potential.
We'll be collating all the data collected over the last 2 days of consultation at the Building Better Food Systems Conference to inform our direction of work moving forward. Focusing on Policy, Infrastructure, Comms and Funding #BuildingBetterFoodSystems #FoodSystems
At the Building Better Food Systems Conference we are now looking at doable, meaningful next steps to build power toward strategic changes #BuildingBetterFoodSystems #FoodSystems
We're exploring *Access to Food for All *Creating a Strong Demand for Local/Short Supply Chain Systems * Enabling Policy Environment that supports/ rewards Agro-ecological Farming Systems *Infrastructure that is appropriate to scale & needs of Local & Short Supply Chain Systems
This afternoon on Day 2 at the Building Better Food Systems Conference, we will be looking at possible areas of focus and strategic priorities #BuildingBetterFoodSystems #betterfoodsystems #foodsystems