A charity initiative that helps anyone who has survived or is still going through cancer learn recipes designed to help mitigate changes in taste that result from treatment. It raises a significant amount of its funding from crowdfunding: www.crowdfunder.co.uk/LifeKitchen

What we love about it:

Food can sometimes isolate rather than bring together – we may be unable to eat socially for many reasons (dietary habits, financial access, health concerns). But here this is turned upside down, bringing people who share their experience of food together.

Find out more: lifekitchen.co.uk

Here's our class availability for the next couple of weeks, you can book on our website https://t.co/nvHsJLMCqJ. https://t.co/C3ilDkXR9J
Did you catch us in the news? Have a read of the Sunderland Echo article about the reopening of Life Kitchen and how we're helping people with cancer taste again. https://t.co/0ZcxdHFQWK
Yesterday we taught some amazing people how to enjoy food again after their taste buds have taken a bashing from cancer. Classes are booking up quickly, our availability is below and you can book your free class at https://t.co/nvHsJM4dPj. https://t.co/J2XFeQHKtj
Here at HQ, we're working on plans to bring you a recipe library, with all our fabulous recipes like miso cheddar crumpets, pineapple tacos and more, but we need your feedback! We'd be so grateful if you'd fill in our quick survey. https://t.co/mvnLAvBScm https://t.co/6TfliMaYEq