The charity is all about bringing food experience to people, and thus empowering us and providing a space for the community to thrive and find common purpose.

Their focus is on enterprising eco-community kitchen & cookery school improving lives of Londoners (low-income familiers, recovering from mental health, etc.).

As of 2019, they are looking to expand and share the lessons learned throughout the years to others, starting with their Community Food Forum for peer to peer advice and skill sharing (and the notes are available on their website!)

What we love about it:

Their peer-to-peer learning model!

More info:

On Wednesday, we restarted our Community Feasts with @claptoncommons - providing free food and entertainment for our Hackney locals, and what a JOY it was!!

To see you all smiling, throwing arms in the air and singing 😊
Chef Shaki's marvelous meatballs!
"We had loads of spinach to use up donated by @cityharvestlondon. It was a team effort. It's tough in the kitchen sometimes but we honestly run on vibes".Β And, it would not be possible without our volunteers, whom we are urgently in need of!
Don't miss our vegan cooking with #jackfruit online class with plant based chef and nutritional therapist, Bruna Oliveira live from Mexico this Thursday! 🀩
A hello from our lovely class members last Thursday, enrolled on MIH's Family Cooking 6 Week Course that takes place in Liberty Hall, every Thursday evening.We love seeing you smile and learn, look how happy little Tundra is with her pear and apple crumble!
Community feasts are back this Wednesday! It's that time of year again and we welcome you, Hackney Locals, down to the Commons outside Liberty Hall for a series of lunch feasts with @clapton_commons. Here is a photo from the one last July, out in the sunshine!
Join our star volunteer Cary at his fun #dance workshop this Sunday! #community πŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί