Nature Friendly Farming Network

The Nature Friendly Farming Network is led by farmers across the UK with a passion for sustainable farming and nature. Their aim is to unite farmers across the UK who have a sustainable outlook, secure positive changes in policy, including how farming is supported by the public, and bring together farmers to learn from one another.

What we love about it:

Any food citizenship action starts by connecting people. Providing a platform to do so ensures resources are shared more easily and quickly, strengthening the bonds between like-minded people and empowering them to take positive action.

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6 hours ago
It’s good to see George Eustice @DefraGovUK launching this. We need to come together across 🇬🇧 farming to learn from each other and tackle our environment, biodiversity & climate crisis. Something the @NFFNUK is also doing in helping farmers improve our environment.
10 hours ago
Environment Secretary, George Eustice, launches the UK Agriculture Partnership, a new initiative to encourage knowledge sharing from across the agricultural sector.

Learn how working together and sharing learnings can bring benefits to #UKAgriculture
10 hours ago
This week @JanetHughes from @DefraGovUK is on the show. Hear from Janet about her life and career and how she came to work at Defra. She also answers some of your questions.
10 hours ago
Well done #RSPBHopeFarm for their first webinar of 2022 last night

Now looking on to the next: ELMS and Future Nature Friendly Farming

Join @vickihird @AliceGroom2 @georgiewildbray @NRenison @LinesMartin and @Natures_Voice Andrew Holland

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10 hours ago
With our farmers we're busy preparing for the arrival of our breeding curlew this spring. There'll be more shallow pools for the chicks to feed and a sturdy fence to deter predators. Time will tell what impact these will have. Cross fingers.
10 hours ago
Gyda ffermwyr y fro 'dan ni'n brysur yn paratoi at ddyfodiad ein gylfinirod i nythu y gwanwyn yma. Bydd mwy o byllau bas i'r cywion fwydo a ffens i gadw ysglyfaethwyr draw. Amser a ddengys pa effaith bydd rhain yn cael. Croesi bysedd.
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