The Nature Friendly Farming Network is led by farmers across the UK with a passion for sustainable farming and nature. Their aim is to unite farmers across the UK who have a sustainable outlook, secure positive changes in policy, including how farming is supported by the public, and bring together farmers to learn from one another.

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Any food citizenship action starts by connecting people. Providing a platform to do so ensures resources are shared more easily and quickly, strengthening the bonds between like-minded people and empowering them to take positive action.

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Farmers can now apply to the Countryside Stewardship Mid Tier scheme for multi-agreements and one-off grants to enhance the environment
#NFFNScotland’s Aylwin Pillai writes for @scottishfarmer:

"As livestock farmers, we must loudly bang the drum and demonstrate livestock’s irreplaceable role in supporting a thriving environment."

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NFFN will be responding to the plan's recommendations in the weeks ahead.

Add your voice to the People’s Plan for Nature
The first ever UK-wide citizens’ assembly for nature has published its recommendations for a fundamental change in how we value nature in the UK.

Among the calls to action is an overhaul of current farming subsidies to prioritise #naturefriendlyfarming