Focussed on empowering and protecting the future of rural youth, the Rural Youth Network is an initiative focused on understanding and supporting the rural youth.

What started as a large scale survey has evolved to include a three-day festival – the Rural Youth Ideas Festival – which in 2018 brought together 80+ young people to share their experience of living in rural areas in Scotland.

Featuring a line-up of inspiring speakers and leadership, business and communication skills workshops, against a backdrop of glamping, live music and local food, the festival aligns with the network’s core aims of empowering young people to share their story, making them feel heard and giving them the resources to thrive.

What we love about it: 

A platform that empowers young people to speak for themselves.

Hear from Jane Craigie from Rural Youth Scotland on our podcast.

For more information, check out their website.

Amelia is from Queensland, Australia and attended our Hoy ideas hack to connect with like-minded people and discuss rural issues and find solutions in an open and collaborative space🤩

See the full interview here:

We were delighted to have support at our Huntly hack from Rector of The Gordon Schools, Huntly.

He spoke about his excitement to build the community in Huntly and get more young people involved -

#ThrowbackThursday with a difference this week, Hannah not only attended our Kent & Medway Hack but was also at our Hoy Hack back in April🥳

Hannah left the hacks feeling inspired and ready to launch her own business...

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Francesca is a member of @MDS_Updates Graduate Scheme and attended our Kent & Medway Ideas Hack back in May🤩

Here she explains what she learned from the weekend...

#ThrowbackThursday @Kent_cc
Born and raised in Deerness, Rachel returned home to Orkney after travelling and attended the ideas hack as it was an opportunity for 18-30 year olds who are often forgotten after leaving school🤩

Watch her full interview here:

In this case study, one of our amazing speakers from our Kent & Medway Hack, Laura, explains her @WILDBOX3 business journey🍹

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#ThrowbackThursday @Kent_cc