Rural Youth Project and Festival

Focussed on empowering and protecting the future of rural youth, the Rural Youth Network is an initiative focused on understanding and supporting the rural youth.

What started as a large scale survey has evolved to include a three-day festival – the Rural Youth Ideas Festival – which in 2018 brought together 80+ young people to share their experience of living in rural areas in Scotland.

Featuring a line-up of inspiring speakers and leadership, business and communication skills workshops, against a backdrop of glamping, live music and local food, the festival aligns with the network’s core aims of empowering young people to share their story, making them feel heard and giving them the resources to thrive.

What we love about it: 

A platform that empowers young people to speak for themselves.

Hear from Jane Craigie from Rural Youth Scotland on our podcast.

For more information, check out their website.

2 days ago
⏳The countdown is on for our next Ideas Café: People, Place, Perspective!

We’ll be talking to 3 wonderful young people about how they have creatively connected with their #community and built their own sense of belonging.

⏰Tuesday 30th Nov 6-7pm.
6 days ago
Join us for the RYP’s next Ideas Café: People, Place, Perspective.

🤝We’re partnering up with @GP_LakesDales to talk to Jess, Josh and Rosie about how they have creatively connected with their communities.

⏰Tuesday 30th November, 6- 7pm
🖌Register here:
3 weeks ago
🌍'Community' – What does it mean to you? How can we creatively connect with our #communities and create a sense of #belonging?

🏳️Join us for our next Ideas Café: People, Place, Perspective.

⏰Tuesday 30th November, 6pm - 7pm.

🔗Register here:
3 weeks ago
💡The NEFERTITI project’s ‘Farm Attractiveness Week’ has commenced and they have a range of fantastic events lined up…

❕Tomorrow between 12pm-1pm the topic of discussion is: “How can young farmers tackle the climate emergency?”

🔗Join here!
3 weeks ago
As we enter the second week of #COP26, we urge you to take a look at the open letter written by Young Farmers and the NFUS Next Generation Committee to @MairiGougeon encouraging a greener and more prosperous future for Scottish agriculture. 🌱
John McCulloch @McCulloch_JR
Great to be co-author and signatory of this letter which has been released today by @SAYFCAGAFFAIRS & @NFUStweets! This letter calls on @MairiGougeon to speak with devolved nations to ensure decision making and policy surrounding #COP26 is fair for Agriculture!
1 month ago
💭 Reimagining Glensaugh…

A fantastic event involving a tour of @JamesHuttonInst’s home of climate positive farming, and workshop hosted by our very own Jane, exploring visions for the future and making it a reality.

🔗Register here:
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