Rural Youth Project and Festival

Focussed on empowering and protecting the future of rural youth, the Rural Youth Network is an initiative focused on understanding and supporting the rural youth.

What started as a large scale survey has evolved to include a three-day festival – the Rural Youth Ideas Festival – which in 2018 brought together 80+ young people to share their experience of living in rural areas in Scotland.

Featuring a line-up of inspiring speakers and leadership, business and communication skills workshops, against a backdrop of glamping, live music and local food, the festival aligns with the network’s core aims of empowering young people to share their story, making them feel heard and giving them the resources to thrive.

What we love about it: 

A platform that empowers young people to speak for themselves.

Hear from Jane Craigie from Rural Youth Scotland on our podcast.

For more information, check out their website.

2 hours ago
⭐️New Blog Alert: Dinosaurs in rural Lanarkshire?!⭐️

Calling all dinosaur hunters, find your summer adventure at the Jurassic Lanark trail🦕

Keep up to date with what’s going on across rural Scotland with our latest blogs, news & opportunity pages at 🔗
2 days ago
⭐️Brand new opportunities listed on the Rural Youth Project Smart Village⭐️

Current listings include: a Public Affairs and Campaign Officer role, the Young Islanders Film Festival, a Women’s Enterprise Network event, Media Production Workshops & more!

1 week ago
Rebecca & Alana joined @NFUStweets Dumfries & Galloway Chair @sw_farmer yesterday, for a farm walk with @AnasSarwar & @colinsmythmsp, The discussion focused on rural & farming issues, and the girls had a chance to share some insights into @RYP2018. (Ness enjoyed the walk too!🐕)
1 week ago
Don’t forget you can check in on the ‘news’ section of the Rural Youth Project Smart Village at any time for the latest news on an array of topics. 📲🌿🌊

🔗Head to to hear on issues such as connectivity/transport/housing/environment/wellbeing…
2 weeks ago
⭐️ New Blog Alert - The Benefits of Cold-Water Swimming in Bonnie Scotland ⭐️

Have you taken the plunge yet? 🏊‍♀️ With all this great weather there are no excuses! ☀️

🔗Head over to to read Lucy’s 5 shortlisted swimming spots for this summers bucket list!
2 weeks ago
In case you missed it…the Rural Youth Project Ideas Café, in partnership with @LGBTYS and @weareagrespect on the subject ‘LGBTQ+ Visibility and Acceptance in rural places’, is now on YouTube! 🎥🏳️‍🌈

🔗Watch the entire discussion here:
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