Scotswood Natural Community Garden was established in 1995 on the site of a school playing field. It’s forest gardens are some of the oldest in the country and provide a range of fruits, nuts and other food. The garden is recognised as a Land Project by the Permaculture Association, which means it is part of a network of community gardens that share expertise and encourage partnership working. They offer training and education in growing and forest schooling, and run youth groups that include issue-based and information sessions to help young people keep safe and healthy. Anyone can visit or become a member, and during harvest time visitors can pick their own bag of apples or plums. Herbs, cobnuts, artists charcoal & honey are just a few examples of seasonal produce available during the year.

What we love about them:

Nourishing the community, empowering people to grow and connecting people with nature!

More info:

Some signs of new growth at our lovely garden. Find out more about wildlife at Scotswood Garden visit #natureconnectedness #NaturePhotography #scotswoodwildlife
@Penny4It Yes, we are sure it will be worth it. And hopefully the clay liner will be more sustainable in the long term.
Good luck for the Big Garden Birdwatch @RSPBEngland @Natures_Voice this weekend. There's still time to sign up! We'd love to hear about what you see. Enjoy!