Scotswood Natural Community Garden was established in 1995 on the site of a school playing field. It’s forest gardens are some of the oldest in the country and provide a range of fruits, nuts and other food. The garden is recognised as a Land Project by the Permaculture Association, which means it is part of a network of community gardens that share expertise and encourage partnership working. They offer training and education in growing and forest schooling, and run youth groups that include issue-based and information sessions to help young people keep safe and healthy. Anyone can visit or become a member, and during harvest time visitors can pick their own bag of apples or plums. Herbs, cobnuts, artists charcoal & honey are just a few examples of seasonal produce available during the year.

What we love about them:

Nourishing the community, empowering people to grow and connecting people with nature!

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Thank you to Year 5 from @HartonPrimary who have all visited us this half term. We have enjoyed investigating parts of a flower with you, learning all about bees and planting pollinator friendly plants. Here are some of their fantastic pictures of parts of a flower.
@WestEndRefugee It was our pleasure. We hope you enjoy using them.
Several school groups have visited us recently to learn all about bees and their importance as pollinators. They have loved visiting the beehives and collecting pollen (see the photos). If you want more information on how to support bees, please visit