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What if change started with food? The Social Gastronomy Movement (SGM) is a global network of interconnected local communities that uses the power of food as a tool for social change. They cultivate connections, collaborations and partnerships that strengthen our individual and collective capacity to co-create an equitable future, inclusive society and healthy planet. Social Gastronomy works to address social inequality, to improve nutrition, and to engage people to leverage their skills for social good. It encompasses all levels of the food production chain—from sowing and harvesting crops, to preparing meals, to utilizing food waste—to create social change, transforming the lives of underprivileged populations and victims of social exclusion or marginalization.

What we love about them:

Reframing food as a social connector and providing resources to empower and connect communities, strengthening food solidarity.

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1 week ago
Feeling inspired by chef @massimobottura 's call to action at the #UNFSS2021.

"Food IS the great connector"!

What was your favorite moment of the #UNFSS021?
1 week ago
Earlier today, Amir Mahmoud Abdulla, Deputy Executive Director for the World Food Program closed his remarks at #UNFSS2021 with support to women-led causes🥰:

“For every man-made problem, there is a woman-led solution”.
1 week ago
We're starting our morning with a cup of coffee and the #UNFSS2021 #presummit. 🌏🌞

Check out the program and join in with us!
2 weeks ago
@rosaenlatierra @Ffoodinstitute @conflictcuisine @JohannaWonk @NickyCG Hi Rosa! We're sorry you couldn't join us live. Here is the Putting Hope on the Menu event on our youtube channel.

Have a great sunday! 🌞
2 weeks ago
Thanks to all who joined today's webinar and to @TheClinkCharity, @cookmaster_ar and @Mack_Enterprise for sharing their approach to #SocialGastronomy with us!

To learn more about the movement please visit us at 🌞

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