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What if change started with food? The Social Gastronomy Movement (SGM) is a global network of interconnected local communities that uses the power of food as a tool for social change. They cultivate connections, collaborations and partnerships that strengthen our individual and collective capacity to co-create an equitable future, inclusive society and healthy planet. Social Gastronomy works to address social inequality, to improve nutrition, and to engage people to leverage their skills for social good. It encompasses all levels of the food production chain—from sowing and harvesting crops, to preparing meals, to utilizing food waste—to create social change, transforming the lives of underprivileged populations and victims of social exclusion or marginalization.

What we love about them:

Reframing food as a social connector and providing resources to empower and connect communities, strengthening food solidarity.

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1 week ago
“What’s required to regenerate communities and regenerate food?” -Nicole Masters #systemsthinking
1 week ago
When it comes to the soil "when people start digging with the question "I wonder why?" they find that they may have the answers. That's why critical thinking is core to #regenerative #agriculture @Solvable
1 week ago
Join us in 5 with the great Nicole Masters in a New Works conversation co-hosted by SGM & @Solvable

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2 months ago
The Food Solidarity Podcast is BACK!

Thanks to @adriane_mack for sharing your time with us 🍊👊

Listen to "Episode 9: Adriane Mack from Miss Mack Enterprises" by Social Gastronomy Movement ⚓
2 months ago
@davidhertz for @WFP_Colombia today, on the last day of #Innovation4Nutrition.

Food is one of our common denominators as humans and our main goal should be to advocate for equal access for all!

Programa Mundial de Alimentos en Colombia 🇨🇴 @WFP_Colombia
I believe in the power of society nowadays facing the #COVID challenges and seeing the faces of #hunger. With the social community of entrepreneurs we can solve part of the problem, but we need to advocate so that no one stays behind in the process of food." @davidhertz for #I4N
2 months ago
[ENG] "The world is interconnected and it's time to accept this reality. If we don't renew ourselves, we risk staying behind. We do a lot of work on innovation at a community level, where innovation really lies."
@NickyCG from @thesgmovement for #Innovation4Nutrition. ✨😍
Programa Mundial de Alimentos en Colombia 🇨🇴 @WFP_Colombia
"El mundo está interconectado y es hora de aceptar esta realidad. Si no nos renovamos, nos arriesgamos a quedarnos atrás. Trabajamos mucho en la innovación a nivel comunitario, donde realmente se encuentra la innovación." @NickyCG de @thesgmovement para #Innovation4Nutrition

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