SoleShare was set up with the aim of bringing a genuinely sustainable business model to seafood supply. Stable markets are rare in the fishing industry. By asking for a bit of commitment from their members (a 1 month minimum subscription) they can guarantee their fisherman a consistent market for their catch each month.

They work directly with a handful of small-scale British fishermen who they know and trust to fish responsibly – no destructive fishing methods & no damage to the seabed. All their seafood is caught in a way that’s environmentally sustainable and by working directly with fishermen they can ensure it’s economically sustainable for them.

By educating their members they are helping to create a socially sustainable model too. They hope to build a community of seafood savvy confident home cooks with their seasonal approach and online help pages. Working with local food charities and independent business, they are strengthening the link between the sea and the city.

What we love about it:

Connecting fishermen to citizens.

More info:

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