Spitalfields City Farm

Spitalfields City Farm brings the countryside to the city, providing educational & environmental opportunities to local communities in a relaxed and enjoyable way. The farm offers many opportunities to engage the local community, working with animals and helping out in the gardens. Schools from near and far also come to their guided tours/workshops.
The approach is to give people the opportunity to become members of their community and encourage participation in the development of the farm. Participants are able to explore the benefits of healthy and sustainable lifestyles. Children and young people are provided with a safe, stimulating and inclusive space in which to play and to connect with nature.

What we love about them:

Empowering participants to get involved in the development of the farm itself.

More info: https://www.spitalfieldscityfarm.org/

2 weeks ago
Great to be visiting so many school children that missed out on field trips last year! #mobilefarm #farmontheroad #urbanfarming #education #positivity #learning https://t.co/bxIQuygMg8 https://t.co/4a8syzB5e9
St. Fidelis School @headstfidelis
So this is what we are all up to at St Fidelis today! We can't go to the farm, so the farm has come to us! #farming https://t.co/9LJ74MW9AQ
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