Sustainable Fish Cities

The Sustainable Fish Cities campaign is aiming to see unsustainable fish off the menu for good in UK restaurants, caterers, the public sector and at influential events. They believe we need a critical mass of businesses committed to only buying sustainable fish, and that government needs to respond to this growing demand by making all the UK’s fisheries verifiably sustainable, as soon as possible.

They want to create the first ever Sustainable Fish Cities – to show what can be done if people and organisations make a concerted effort to change their buying habits:
Businesses serving nearly one billion meals per year have committed to adopting a sustainable fish buying policy, across 17 towns and cities. The market for sustainable fish is growing ten times faster than for conventional fish.

The UK has the opportunity to become a world leader in well-managed fisheries and flourishing marine ecosystems – which would bring jobs and opportunities for coastal communities. They say ‘we are all in this together!’ and encourage everyone to use their power to ask for the workplace restaurants, schools, hospitals, care homes and restaurants they use to serve only sustainably sourced fish.

What we love about it:

Their model to bring coalitions together working towards a common purpose.

More info:

4 months ago
The #IPCCReport talks about the mounting threat to fish stocks from climate change.

Sustainable fishing is a must and we have run out of excuses.
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4 months ago
The @MSCecolabel is 'the best we've got' - we're quoted in a really insightful article in today's @guardian by @karenmcveigh1
6 months ago
Our new report shows the incredible gains for jobs, nature and GDP from sustainable fishing
6 months ago
Happy #WorldOceansDay !

Check out our new report, revealing amazing opportunities, jobs, more dolphins, better fishing incomes etc from investing in sustainable fishing
7 months ago
Last night's tea was too good not to post - Pollack from Plymouth from @SoDiscretion via @SoleShare - with spinach, leek & burnt lemon from @localgreensveg - gorgeous sustainable produce barely needs anything else #buylocal
11 months ago
QA fish in Shetland have had to pause sales to the EU. There was no time to get paperwork ready & can't risk delays at Dover
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