Sustainable Food Places

The Sustainable Food Cities approach involves developing a cross-sector partnership of local public agencies, businesses, academics and NGOs committed to working together to make healthy and sustainable food a defining characteristic of where they live.

The Network helps people and places share challenges, explore practical solutions and develop best practice on key food issues. Some fabulous examples of how the approach has been applied in Hull, Belfast, Brighton and Hove, Carderdale, Newcastle, and others!

Find out more:

What we love about it:

Using food to bring everyone together to improve their communities, and creating a local network of like-minded citizens and organisations!

Do check out what the Sustainable Food Places movement looks like across UK regions:

1 week ago
Time’s running out to back @RealBread’s crowdfunding campaign. They need to raise £10k by Sunday to inform, inspire and support the next generation of community microbakers >> #RealBread #microbakery #smallbusiness
1 week ago
Food partnerships are leading the charge! Read the SFP #NationalFoodStrategy response for a summary of key recommendations:
1 week ago
Incredible news! Thanks to all who supported our call. That this fight has been ongoing points to the precarity of healthy food provision in our current set-up....
VegCities @VegCities
📢Fruit and veg in schools back in September 🥕🍅🍎
@Jochurchill4 confirms #sfvs will resume. Huge sight of relief for schools, parents and children. Thank you to the orgs who supported our letter to ministers and @Wera_Hobhouse for question in Parliament.
2 weeks ago
We also welcome this #NFS recommendation, which will drive and support local governance for #sustainablefoodsystems and foster partnership working to ensure healthy and sustainable food becomes a defining characteristic of every community.
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