The Farmschool charity was established in 2014 to reconnect children and young people with food, farming and the environment through visiting a working arable farm and taking part in innovative programs.

They bring relevance and real-life examples of sustainability, food provenance, food production, environmental protection and economic/business principles to KS4 & 5 students in an engaging and practical way.

The Farmschool believes hosting farm visits for GCSE and A-Level students is the best way to connect with schools, young people and those not in the farming industry, and wants to mobilize other farmers to do the same.

Hosting a school visit can be daunting, and through their applied mentorship programme, the Farmschool offers to share the knowledge and experience that will give farmers the confidence to welcome schools onto their farms.

What we love about it:

Empowering young people to engage in the farming world, but also supporting farmers to connect with young people!

More info:

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A misty morning @the_farmschool for Argyle primary yr 5s
@thepopupfarm & @ian_pigott sharing pumpkins worms crops, cows, bees & cooking
Very enjoyable day with @JohnHellins school years 3,4 and 5
A lot of interesting chat about the cougher of this pellet and it's contents
Amazing day w @Centralprimary Great year 5 group keen to learn abt farming bees and bread making (&taking selfies)