The idea is simple – the Garden Cider Company makes a range of hand crafted premium ciders sourced entirely from local, donated garden apples.

Each year over 4,000 local households bring along their spare garden fruit and in return receive a share of the cider made back for free. Thus an abundant, largely wasted natural resource is turned into a sustainable, ethical and quality product.

What we love about it:

Connecting and encouraging participation of the local communities in the production.

More info:

Summer might be over, but there is still time to enjoy our refreshing raspberry and rhubarb flavoured cider.

Available now 👇
We are pleased to announce a secondary rollout of @GardenCiderCo at @LidlGB stores across the UK.

Keep an eye out in stores near you soon.

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🙏 Thank you!

Our fruity craft ciders come from 100% locally sourced apples, without our fantastic summer of member drop offs we simply couldn’t create our tasty range of drinks.

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Did you know that @GardenCiderCo is based in the heart of Surrey? With apples from the gardens of local people making our great range of ciders.

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Did you know as well as taking in apples from our members, we also use apples from our very own orchard based right here in the heart of Surrey!

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🍏🍎Give and take!

Do you have an unwanted amount of apples growing in your garden?

Bring them along to our site in Chiddingfold, we will weigh them and return the favour next summer with our tasty, bottled cider.

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