Transition Network

Transition is a movement that has been growing since 2005. It is about communities stepping up to address the big challenges they face by starting local. By coming together, they are able to crowd-source solutions. They seek to nurture a caring culture, one focused on supporting each other, both as groups or as wider communities.

In practice, they are reclaiming the economy, sparking entrepreneurship, reimagining work, reskilling themselves and weaving webs of connection and support. It’s an approach that has spread now to over 50 countries, in thousands of groups: in towns, villages, cities, Universities, schools. One of the key ways it spreads is through telling inspiring stories

What we love about it:

It is hard to pick just one thing, but their shared governance model and clear purpose is a fabulous foundation to all their work.

More info:

8 hours ago
"We need to improve access to public water, to public fountains, to public buildings where you can bring your own bottle and don’t need to buy one. We need to facilitate access to public water in public streets."
11 hours ago
Great opportunity to support and energise a network of #Transition trainers and Hubs, across many countries, who are delivering transformative learning and training opportunities. Deadline 15th August.
1 day ago
Inspired by reimagined cargo trikes #hubRen set out to create a mobile hub of art, imagination and connection, seeding community decarbonisation and resilience in a climate changing world.

@TTBounceForward @TNLComFund
1 week ago
4 great tips from the Dutch Cycling Embassy.
"The Netherlands has changed from a car dominated country to a bicycle dominated country in a matter of decades... change is possible, you just need long-term commitment to making it so."
1 week ago
Lançamento do REconomy Canvas qual tem como objetivo apoiar a formatação de negócios para o novo mundo que queremos. Mais uma etapa na construção de uma economia onde o cuidado com a vida e a colaboração passam a ser o centro das relações.
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