Unicorn Grocery

Twice named the nation’s ‘Best Food Retailer’ at the BBC Food & Farming Awards, Unicorn offers it’s Manchester customer-base affordable, fresh and wholesome food with an emphasis on organic, fair-trade and local produce. Unicorn was established in 1996 by a small group of people committed to social change, who had a vision for the kind of place they wanted to shop in themselves. A place where a really wide range of wholesome, tasty food, sourced with care, would be sold at affordable prices. A shop owned and run by motivated worker-owners following a shared social and environmental agenda. A friendly, diverse and welcoming space that would act as a hub in the community.

Unicorn is a values-driven business, which sees success as something more than figures on a balance sheet. They say “If we are providing a decent livelihood for our staff and our suppliers, if we are increasing the amount of land farmed sustainably and improving the environmental impact of our diet, if we are enabling good health through good food, if we are creating community wealth rather than shareholder wealth, if we are challenging traditional models of business ownership and control…then we are succeeding”.

What we love about it:

A business model that has the concept of participation and agency at the core of its operations.

More info: www.unicorn-grocery.coop

3 days ago
Veg news 25th November.

Cold season is sadly upon us, but fear not!
Coming in from Europe this week we’ve some fabulous Spanish lemons to help give your immune system a boost. Lemons are really hitting their peak right now, with bright yellow skins and… https://t.co/GRNxyhhYAX https://t.co/zkmPAN4SBr
1 week ago
Veg news 18th November.

It’s that time of year when root veg once again takes centre stage, but let’s take a moment to sing the praises of the humble onion. It’s been a difficult season for UK onion growers with many crops failing this year, so we feel … https://t.co/h8q8YQ5kT0 https://t.co/waw7HtBVcU
2 weeks ago
As the shop has developed over the past 25 years we’ve had to replace various fixtures and fittings. We’re onto our third set of veg stands now, but (out of sentimentality plus we REALLY don’t like binning things!) we’ve hung onto wood from the first two… https://t.co/5HlaB98eNt https://t.co/ZHoxF0gKCv
2 weeks ago
'Best Laid Plans' and 'Supply Chain Issues'; the embodiment of 'you've got to laugh or you'll cry' from the wonderful folk at @blackislebrewery .
And of course they're tasty too. Best Laid Plans is a passionfruit sour; refreshing, sharp and fruity (and … https://t.co/5XEP0wkYN5 https://t.co/ccGwdxT6mo
2 weeks ago
It's baaaack! Bring us your community notices, people!!
No need to hand them to us, just stick em up. A5 or smaller plz https://t.co/IQBWjEQy4V https://t.co/qugK7AvcNQ
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