Dec 08 2020


5:30 pm - 7:00 pm



City Food Symposium 2020: Harnessing the Power of Youth to Transform Food Systems for Health and Sustainability

In the midst of a climate emergency, and with poor diets established as the world’s leading cause of ill-health, the need for effective and equitable public policy to transform food systems for health and sustainability has never been greater. At the same time, the voices of youth demanding change are getting louder. How can these voices be heard and included to drive the policy changes needed?

We will be hearing from young food system leaders in the UK and internationally in a series of short talks that will be available to view online on the day. This will be combined with a live Q&A session with some of the speakers held via Zoom from 5.30-7.00pm.

Speakers include:
* Pierre J. Cooke Jnr, Youth Voices Technical Advisor, Healthy Caribbean Coalition
* Ben Ebbrell, Founder and Chef, SORTEDfood
* Tasha Mhakayakora, Youth Board Co-Chair, Bite Back 2030
* Amanda Namayi, Youth Advocate, Climate Action
* Emily B. N’Dombaxe Dola, Storytelling Director, Youth4Nature
* Kajal Odedra, UK Director,

The aim is to give young leaders a platform, provide a taster of youth leadership in the food system, and lay out some of the key issues and questions to be addressed at a larger, in person event in 2021 (date to be announced). It will also provide the perfect opportunity for anyone who is interested in engaging with youth policy, advocacy and research to join the conversation.

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