Aug 12 - 15 2021


All Day

Land Skills Fair

Are you a land worker, farmer, forester, food or land justice advocate? Care about community, land skills and celebration? Join us!

Members of the Land Workers Alliance are coming together for three days of learning, community and revelry at Abbey Home Farm in Gloucestershire from Thursday 12th to Sunday 15th August 2021.

We will be sharing knowledge and skills about farming, forestry, crafts, food and land justice; connecting with each other through a mix of workshops, talks, activities, music, food and drinks.

There will be two full days of skill-share workshop programmes and a day to relax with a feast and ceilidh. Food trucks, producer marketplace and a community kitchen to fill our boots. Music, dancing, DJs, and performances are all in the pipeline too.

Want to learn from others about food, farming and land justice? Want to share your skills? Got something burning on your chest to speak about? Keen to brush the dust of your guitar? Fed up of covid isolation? 

This is a DIY member-led festival bringing together members of the LWA, LION, FLAME and the LEC. We want to make it an epic celebration and would love to hear your thoughts on what will make it special or what you can contribute. We need lots of hands on deck!



We are building a team of volunteers! Handy grafters to help with set up, pack down and keeping everything in order over the weekend, as well as spreadsheet-savvy logistics coordinators.

Apply to volunteer here.



We want a diverse range of skills and topics represented at the Fair. We’ll have skillshare areas for farming, forestry, crafts, food and land justice and a talks stage. There’s a demo kitchen, and as the festival site is a farm we could create a roaming site programme. Animals, machinery and tools all welcome! Please note that skill-sharers and talk-givers also need to buy a ticket, unless they apply for a bursary (see below).

Apply to speak or give a workshop here.



Let us know if you’ve got a band or want to play. There’s a DIY acoustic stage and main dance area for bigger bands and DJs. We have some great acts lined up already and would love to see members perform too.

Apply to perform or play here.


We’d love for the Fair to be filled with healthy home-made, home-grown produce. If you would like to bring a food truck or set up a produce stall please fill in the form below. (Abbey Home Farm requires that everything sold on site is organic).

Apply to sell food or market produce here.



There is a spreadsheet to self organise lift sharing here.


A note on tickets:

When you book you will see different ticket categories: Non-Members, LWA Foresters, LWA Farmers, LWA Supporter Members, FLAME (LWA Youth), LEC (Local Equality Commission), and LION (Land In Our Names). Choose the category relevant to you. If you’re a new member and don’t know about these groups yet, choose farmers, foresters or supporter members as relevant.

Each category includes three ticket options based on a sliding scale. Pay what feels right to you. All tickets give the same level of access to the Fair.

The Fair infrastructure and music are costly so talk-givers and skill-sharers also need to register for tickets. It’s a collaborative and “hand in the earth” get together and it will be a lot of fun!



We seek to make this fair accessible to all. If you would like to apply for a full bursary ticket please fill in this form.

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