Nov 21 - 22 2019


All Day

Nourish Conference: Game Plan for a Good Food Nation

Scotland is signed up to becoming a Good Food Nation – a country where we can all afford and enjoy good food without messing up the planet or exploiting our fellow humans. How hard can that be? That’s what we’ll be asking you to figure out at this year’s Nourish conference.

When – Thursday 21st November – Friday 22nd November

Where – Edinburgh

The conference is all about achieving change – how we get from where we are to where we need and want to be? For much of the two days you will be working in a team of 11 with a facilitator to come up with your team’s game plan – how can we deliver on the Good Food Nation goals?

Along the way you will have the chance to listen to and work with pioneers, thinkers and changemakers, and to access ideas from Scotland and around the world. At the end of the event, we’ll publish every team’s work as the conference report.

Why 2 days?

Food system and social change are complex subjects. And while we need more action for things to happen, occasionally we also need time to reflect and to do so collectively. Despite our best efforts we couldn’t fit the content we need to cover into one day. And because you will work as part of a team, we do not have a day pass option.

Why should I come?

You will have a chance to learn different theories of achieving systems change. You will acquire different thinking tools to help you understand how change happens or why it doesn’t happen.

You will have time to reflect on Scotland’s food system, the values that underpin it and how your work contributes to achieving change.

You will spend time with colleagues working across all parts of the food system. You will meet old friends and make new connections.

You will get to talk about your project, campaign or enterprise! You will have a chance to spread the word, gain support and encouragement for the work that you do.

You will leave feeling less alone, and knowing you are a part of a bigger movement working for a healthy, sustainable and fair food system.


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