Apr 22 2021


9:30 am - 12:00 pm


£350 plus VAT

Why Stop at Selling?

A CitizenShift Training Programme for Mission-Led Businesses

This three-part training programme will equip you to build a better business – and make a bigger impact – by radically reframing the customer relationship.

Customers are more than just consumers. They are creative citizens who want to reshape the world for the better, with their own hands. This insight shifts the starting point. Instead of asking “what can our brand do for the causes we care about?”, you’ll ask “what can our brand do together with our customers?” 

Over the three sessions, we will support you to:

  • Understand the emergence of the Citizen Era and what it means for mission-led businesses

  • Explore how mission-led businesses are already tapping into customers’ energy, creativity and desire to participate

  • Identify how participation can deepen and strengthen your customer relationships, and radically increase your impact

This programme will open up new horizons for action and growth, while reconnecting you to the excitement of your company’s mission and rekindling your passion for business as a force for good. Because if you want to change the world through business, why stop at selling?

We are inviting up to 20 participants (no maximum per business) to take part in this new training programme. It is suitable for mission-led businesses of all sizes, including B Corps, social enterprises, SMEs, co-operatives and mutuals, and community businesses. The content is primarily geared towards B2C enterprises, but please get in touch to discuss if you are a B2B firm and are interested in taking part.

Session 1: Thur 22 April, 9.30am-12noon

Session 2: Thur 6 May, 10am-12noon

Session 3: Thur 20 May, 10am-12noon

Session 4: Thur 15 July, 3.30pm-5.30pm (optional informal catch-up)

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