The Sustainable Food Story

The Sustainable Food Story is run by a foraging/eco-chef, scientist/farmer duo who believe that we can go so much further than farm-to-fork. They grow their own produce and create close relationships with their producers; utilize surplus and underutilized goods; forage in their edible surroundings, demystify and discuss food and farming issues through stories. What we […]

Scotswood Natural Community Garden

Promoting learning about nature, the environment and sustainable living, whilst having a positive impact on mental health and well-being

Co-operation Town

A model of not-for-profit buying groups, set up to meet members’ needs and controlled by the people who join them.

LEAF Education

Inspiring young children to connect with farming and nature, while supporting teachers and farmers.

Flavour School

An NGO supporting schools to embed sensory food education in their teaching


An NGO working towards food system transformation through community feats, gleaning and local food economies

Abergavveny Food Festival

An annual celebration of food, gathering food producers and businesses, chefs and eaters from across the UK